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    Editing Location Data in Lightroom

    ericm95535165 Level 1


      I've just returned from a several week trip where I learned & extensively used Lightroom to manage the 20k photos taken (lots of bracketed photos). All the photos are geo-located with GPS coordinates that Lightroom uses to auto generate the Location Metadata which appears in grey text: Sublocation, City, State/Province, Country, ISO Country Code. I've been using this automatically generated Location Metadata with Smart Collections to sort photos by location by Country with sub-Smart Collections that breakdown photos by City & Sublimation. In some cases I've found the Sublocation that's automatically generated is not accurate or too general/specific. When I edit the automatically generated Sublimation I've found that the all the other automatically generated Location Metadata is removed which breaks the links to the other Smart Collections that were using the higher level Location Metadata (Country, State, City). Should this be happening or is there a way that I can edit the Sublimation is such a way the auto-generated Location Data is not removed?