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    Why not save a vector file in Creative Cloud?

    Lopesco Level 1

      As a professional illustrator, I was an enthusiast of Adobe Ideas: work finished, just emailed myself a vector file and... ok. Or instead it was saved at my Creative Cloud as a backed up .ideas file . Perfect.

      Draw came with great additions to Ideas, no doubt. But it lacks the most basic thing: exporting the work as an useable file (I'm not talking about a dirty .jpeg, a not so clean .png or even export to another app as Illustrator CC - I'm talking about a vector .svg file).


      Why not make a back up vector file for Creative Cloud access? In general, I don't need Illustrator to make any further improvements or corrections to my work. My illustrations came ready from Ideas or Draw (I used to access the .svg files inside the sandbox of the app, but with ios 9 this in not possible anymore and Ideas no longer works with these ios version too).


      I think that (saving a vector file at my CC back up), would be a suitable solution, 'cause it would not interfere in the Adobe politics of not using legacy versions (as CS6), along with its new apps, and would at the same time make things a lot easier for us, legacy users.


      Someone here in another thread has said that there are a lot of other vector apps in the itunes store, we're losing our time trying to get those files at CS6, but... if we keep using Draw it is because it's good... I would not be insisting in this idea for so long as I've been if it wasn't a good app !. But it lacks something. Something I think it's pretty simple to be made.

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          StrictlyDigital Level 1

          I'm having the same issue and it's frustrating. I created an image in Capture, exported it to Draw and then saved it to my CC assets. When I accessed my library on desktop my only option is to export a pdf that has a flat, low-res copy of my vector pasted in the document. What's the point of that?


          I just finished a chat with Adobe and there seems to be no solution unless you export to Illustrator CC. I have a CC membership for PS and LR but still use Ai CS5 so I suppose these apps are pretty much useless for me. It's a pity because Capture and Draw are fun tools to have.

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Lopesco | StrictlyDigital,


            Thank you for your persuasive comments. This is a feature that has elicited an outpouring of opinions and pleas and requests (including Ko Maruyama'sFeature Request: Save to CreativeCloud as vector format (svg / ai / draw)).  


            I don't know when/if the feature that was so popular in Adobe Ideas will be added to Draw but I'll certainly make sure that the product teams see your feedback.


            Thanks again for posting.



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              StrictlyDigital Level 1

              Thank you for the response Sue. I surely hope this feature is added, but with all due respect I have to say it's disappointing it was not there from the start. It seems like legacy Ai users like myself were not considered at all in this process.

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                spacecoyote Level 1

                Agreed that this feature should have been included from the start; I just posted to the other thread that Sue mentioned. Not only does this feature disregard legacy users; it ignores new users who need a workflow where image designers are working on a bunch of things on an iPad at once. The current "send to Illustrator" option just forces the user to interrupt their drawing flow for an administrative step that was unnecessary in Adobe Ideas, as that app synced automatically in native format with Creative Cloud with files going to a directory on the user's computer for later editing. It's confusing to me why Adobe would move to a more obtrusive path that marginalizes Creative Cloud storage.

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                  Phillip@K2 Level 1

                  i'm having the same problem since adobe Ideas is now not working under iOS 9 i've have down loaded illustrator Draw the first time it came out and use it by sending it to my paid illustrator CC at home but i have no way to sending it to my paid Adobe cloud's illustrator cc at work thats why i still used adobe ideas til the end, kind of makes me sad that adobe illustrator Draw programers took the send as a pdf to e-mail out of the sister program of adobe ideas. Here to crossing my fingers that adobe developers put this feature back in place to help paid users or at least make it so you can send it to paid adobe cloud user a useable vector format from their iPads to the cloud. and thanks sue for the tip (work around) to get my other sketches (old idea files) from my adobe ideas app. via computer back-up.

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                    robinsonfrese Level 1

                    Please add this feature to Draw. It's just plain SILLY that it's not in it. Especially since you literally said that "the feature ... was so popular in Adobe Ideas." So, if Adobe knows the feature was popular... why did they remove it? What's going on there? Why do you guys keep "updating" things and removing features? I've literally just stopped updated my CC apps for this reason, because I never know what you guys are going to remove.