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    What have you done to Lightroom? And why would you release this?

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      I can't believe that any self respecting software development organisation would actually release a software product as an upgrade that performs less efficiently than the version it's upgrading. Not only that but it constantly crashes! Every aspect of this product seems to have been downgraded. It's now running so slowly that it's impossible to do even the simplest editing tasks, like moving a crop, or even just bringing it up from a dormant state. I click on the icon and literally nothing happens for so long that I almost give up, then it pops up, and I can't even minimize or maximize it for a significant amount of time.


      I was always reticent about buying into a contract where I was essentially renting something that could be changed without any way to role it back, and now that fear has been realized. I had a perfectly good version of Lightroom [5.7] that worked perfectly well, and I was seduced by the prospect of shiny new features, and now I'm paying the price. I'm basically saddled with paying for a pointless product that is essentially unusable, and yes, I'm furious about it. I basically I now have to use Canon's software to manage images for clients, and once all this is sorted out I will be left with the nightmare of reintegrating all those images back into my catalog. 


      Frankly I if I where running your company I would be praying that everyone doesn't ditch this clearly flawed model and just switch to aperture that everyone who's had to deal with this nightmare [because I can't be the only one] should be compensated for every day that this disaster of a release is live. If your going to lease software you don't have the right to use the user community as beta test group, it should be flawless from the moment it's installed, or what's the point of the model?


      If this isn't going to be resolved any time soon then Adobe should make Lightroom 6.x available to everyone who's been lumbered with this atrocity at least for the duration [I'm amusing that the catalogs would be compatible].


      TBH I'm really starting to regret ever buying into the Adobe philosophy, and I'm actually embarrassed that I argued vehemently that DNG should be adopted as a camera RAW format when it actually turns out that Capture One produces better results when importing images from the camera, but doesn't import DNG correctly, but then why would they. Like Adobe they don't won't anyone to switch to a different product. The who "Open Standard" is a joke when this kind of thing happens, and your leasing model makes me now feel totally helpless, kind of like renting from a slum landlord frankly...



      Yours in disgust and sheer frustration



      Barry Robinson

      New Street Photography

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          With due respect, your rant is about two or three weeks out of date.  Hundreds have gone before you, including a few industry "pundits".   A guy named Hogarty, that is reported to be the one who runs the Lightroom division, has recognized and admitted to some mistakes, publicly apologized and promised delivery of some improvements.  Meanwhile, roll back procedures have been published.

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            I was actually about to delete it. I've had it running all day, and for some reason it got to a point where I tried to use a slider and it took over 30 seconds to respond. The rant isn't about what's been in the press, or notice boards. I updated it a couple of days ago, but apparently it's due to a setting that uses the GPU that slows everything down. I still don't like the idea that I have no control over what I'm running. It's not like there's a review that comes with CC updates, so sorry about the rant, and I really don't care about industry pundits, I care about being able to deliver images to my customers....

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              And BTW exactly what was the point in your response, I was frustrated with not being able to complete an important task, but thanks for the help, you seem to be very emphatic. You'd make a wonderful marriage councilor.... .

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                whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                Sorry about the empathy part.  I know a marriage councilor and she is pretty bad.  She's been married three times and is currently single.


                Your post didn't seem to ask for help.  Looking through many of the other posts, there are some things you can do.  Generally they are to turn off the use of the graphics processor in the preference panel, deselect something I think is called "picture preview" and globally reset your preferences. 


                Regarding the graphics processor, it only is aimed to help with a few things in the Develop module.  And, then it may or may not help depending on which of the very many GPUs you might have.  In my case, it seems to help a little.  Unfortunately it apparently can slow other things down.  

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                  No problem, I was just made because I was really stressed and trying to get something done that involved a lot of images that I had to process in a very short amount of time. Thank you for the information, the support agent actually switched off the GPU support so it's all good now anyway, and job done :-)


                  I know that it didn't seem like a request for help, but when your at your wits ends you tend not to be very coherent, it might be a good idea to allow customers to preview new features, rather than simply rolling them out. A simple web based simulation wouldn't be that difficult to create, and it could be linked directly to the creative cloud app where updates are pushed. Also a rewind button would be incredibly helpful if things didn't work out. The analogy that I used in the questionnaire is that yes we all basically lease software anyway, but we also lease buss passes. The difference is that no one is ever going to send you a new buss pass in the post that invalidates your existing pass on a day that you really need to use it.


                  The concept of ownership isn't really the issue in the lease vs own software debate. It's more about knowing what you have being completely sure of what you can do with it.If the features of my buss pass suddenly change on a day when I need to get to a really important meeting [and it's the only form of transport I have available to me] I'm not really going to be happy with the bus company. The same is true of the software that I use to keep my business afloat and profitable.


                  I really don't see why CS versions of the CC software can't be provided at major milestones. After all Adobe really has nothing to loose by doing it. People are actively moving to things like Capture One 8 [which I've only just found out is actually better at dealing with RAW images].I'm also a little annoyed that I was persuaded to convert all of my CR2 files to DNG, and now if I did want to move to Capture One I wouldn't be able to take advantage of the full range of features other than in newly imported images.


                  I have a catalog with over 55,000 images in it [which might not sound like a lot, but it's a lot for me], and I'm now locked into a piece of software that I've learned isn't as good as Capture One [I've actually seen the images, and it really does handle RAW a lot better, and keeps a lot more of the detail].,For a long time I've been advocating the use of DNG as an open standard that camera manufacturers should adopt for RAW output, but that confidence has seriously rocked, and I'm no longer even sure that Adobe want DNG to be open. If I sound a litter bitter it's because I am, and I feel like a bit of a fool for sticking out my neck in all those forums only to be one hundred percent proved wrong on every count.


                  Anyway, this isn't you problem and you just work here, so I'll leave all this, thank you for the info, and at some point when things pick up just buy a copy of Capture One 8.[x] and some other video solution that I don't need to rent off anyone, and can actually rely on to be stable.




                  Barry Robinson

                  New Street Photography