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    Adobe Extention Manager CC Freezes after "Initializing"


      So, I downloaded Adobe Extention Manager because I wanted to install a Photoshop extention, namely Coolorus. So after I installed EM I ran it and immediately as it started, the program froze and I had to manually shut it down as it is Not Responding any more.


      It gets to this stage, as shown on the print screen, so it apparently detects that I have PS installed already. Along the lines I have got AE and a few other Adobe products, so in essence I have no clue why it hangs up after this point.


      Interesting fact (or maybe not really), but as I tried to debug the exe, I got a "ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" error a few times and something along the lines of this:

      >>> 06D9F634   06E03E18  UNICODE "CreateFile('\\.\pipe\com.adobe.csi.ctrl-CS7-<user>') failed <2: The system cannot find the file spec"

      I have got no clue as to how I should proceed.


      I am on a Win 10, 64-bit machine.



      P.S. I did run it as Administrator, I re-downloaded and reinstalled it, rebooted my computer - the same thing happened every time.