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    Unresolved or Out-of-Date Cross References


      I have a 192 page book document. There are 28 cross references in the book. When I export the book using File, Adobe PDF Presets, Adobe PDF E-Book, I get a message saying that there are unresolved or out-of-date cross references in the document.  (I am exporting as spreads, if that matters).


      But when I go to Window, Type & Tables, Cross References, every cross reference from the top to the bottom has a green dot in the status column.


      It is true that most of these changed since the time that I created them. (They are pointing to an answer key in the appendix. What was once pages 205-209 is now pages 180-183). But they are all reporting the correct page number now.


      I scroll to the top and to the bottom of the list. All 28 of the cross references have a green dot.


      I am used to getting this message and it is helpful to remind me that I have to update cross references. But it seems like Adobe InDesign CC 2015.1 Release is automatically updating the cross references for me. But then warning me that it needs to be done.


      I am tempted to ignore the message. Is there some other place other than the Cross References panel where I might have cross references?