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    Using PhoneGap with GitHub


      I have built the example Expense Tracker mobile project (Build your first mobile app with ColdFusion 11 | Adobe Developer Connection) on CF11 and CFB 3. I have a project on GitHub for it. I have used PhoneGap to build an apk for the project. Part of the app requirements are to use the File and Camera APIs. The app will build on PhoneGap but when I try to test it with the Android SDK emulator the API's don't seem to work. I am wondering if the Feature settings that were done in CFB for the mobile project are part of the project that is stored on GitHub. I think they are in the config.xml file and I don't see that as part of the GitHub project. Can anyone tell me if the feature API's are part of a GItHub project so that if I use the project to build in PhoneGap the settings will be part of the apk? I would like to build this from GitHub and not directly from CFB.