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    Creating JLYT file without linking images etc... ?




      I am trying to find a solution on how to created the JLYT easier way.

      I work in the corporation and I got 50k wristbands with bar codes and serial numbering to produce

      but we are experiencing some problems when the file is sent to HP Press .. we are getting two white random lines on the job ...

      In that case before we find the solution we have to create PDF file through smart stream which takes nearly 8h to produce only 10k....


      Is there a way where you can merge the JLYT file with the barcodes and have it as one file and then only bring the data file on the press . ?


      Or is there a quicker way of creating PDF file with the bar codes and serial numbering through smart stream which doesnt take nearly 8h for 10k pcs.... ?


      Anything what will speed up the process of making large quantities with generated bar codes and serial numbering, or can you create the bar codes straigh in INDesign?


      Is there any plug in for InDesign which generates them straight in the program ? 



      Please help