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    Problem calling chm topics in merged help

      We have produced a merged html help (chm) using Robohelp7. We generated the Map IDs too.

      The developer is having problems calling the topics in the merged help file.
      He has used:
      Help.ShowHelp(Me, Me.HelpProvider1.HelpNamespace, HelpNavigator.Topic, "/Area1/myslavepage.htm")
      Help.ShowHelp(Me, Me.HelpProvider1.HelpNamespace, "Area1.chm::/Area1/myslavepage.htm")
      as described in:
      http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vbgeneral/thread/59978f63-1b0d-489c-9bce-f1f be1da843a/

      He has tried using another sample merged help in which there seems to be no problem - it was generated using standard HTML Help Workshop.

      Does anyone know what's the right way to call topics in merged CHM files that are produced using Robohelp7?