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    Changing contents of movie clip after releasing button

      Ok, so I'm trying to accomplish a seemingly simple task. I have a gallery set up for a website, where if a thumbnail is clicked, a larger version appears on a display. I can't use external swf files because it doesnt add itself to the getBytesTotal, so the loading bar wouldnt include it loading those external swfs. There is a pause before the picture actually loads (I want it preloaded).

      Now I have the movie clips i want to exchange in my library, but dont know hwo to get them to become the on-screen movieclip. I have an on(release) function with _root.screen = 'mc_clip1'; is that not the right syntax? is there a better way to load mc's from the library?
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          To pull content in from the library you use attachMovie, calling on the linkage name that you assign to the library object. The assign the linkage name, right click on the object in the library and select linkage, check off the export for actionscript option, and enter a name.
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            logeye Level 1
            attachMovie will take a symbol from the library and attach it to the movieclip.

            It doesn't help your preload problem.

            I preload swfs without them playing until I am ready for them. It's pretty much a sequential training program. I preload 4 swf files into 4 target movieclips in my main movie controller. The swfs I preload are 4 frames long. The first frame is for the preloader, the 2nd is a stop(), the 3rd is for the content and the fourth is code to tell the parent menu controller the swf is finished and ready for the next selection.
            The preloader in the 1st frame will tell the parent once the swfs is loaded, if it is not loaded the preloader is showing. Once loaded the parent controller tells the loaded swf to ...target1.gotoAndPlay(3). Then the content movie in frame 3 plays while the other three are parked on frame two.

            Hope this makes sense nad that it helps.