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    Problems 2nd display?


      Hey folks.  I've been using LR5.7 and previous versions with a second display for years now.  This past weekend, I "may" have done stupid because now it seems that what I would normally see on my second display whih is a loupe view of my image appears OVERLAYED over my grid on the 1st screen and NOTHING shows on the second.

      I can tell it's an overlay because I can barely see the grid sitting behind the loupe view, AND the display buttons 1 and 2 are almost masked over by what should be the display on screen 2.


      The only way to fix it is to either shut LR down and restart it or by clicking on the screen 1 icon and selecting one of the options there for "...with menu..." etc.  That doesn't work all the times either.  This Loupe view overlayed on my grid view behind cannot be dragged and dropped on the second display.



      I'm not sure how to fix this.  What the hell did I do? As I said I've been using it for years and now this -- now that i have about 6500 images to sort through.

      Any help?