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    Flickr upload, multi word tag and synonyms problems


      I am not sure for how long but I just discovered that the tags of my latest photos looks different in Flickr than those of my older ones.

      I tag the photos in Lightroom (CC) and have always been uploading with the built in Flickr upload app.


      I always tag my photos with my name - Stein Arne Jensen. On older photos everything looks OK but on my latest upload today the name tag has been changed into 3 separate tags.

      Do I have to include double quote marks on every multi word tags in my keyword list in Lightroom?


      I shoot a lot of bird photos and always include the birds name in 10-15 languages. In Lightroom they are stored as synonyms to the original Norwegian name I use for sorting my photos. On older photos these are all OK. On new updates - no synonyms :-(


      I do this also to make the photos as searchable as possible in Google. I read that Flickr read multi word tags as without spaces. What about Google?

      Scientific and many other bird names consist of 2-3 words such as family, species and subspecies. What will happens to these if they are spread alphabetically as separate words!

      How can I make things work the way they did earlier.

      Why has things changed at all???


      This is REALLY frustrating!


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