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    hangs after capture

    laniz17817770 Level 1

      Completed capture for video, since SW simultation doesn't capture mouse overs, only mouse clicks. It doesn't respond to any input now. All menu items greyed out and no response to clicks on window, on current recording tabs. Assume some window is hidden and waiting for input from me, but can't find anywhere.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Which version do you use? Are you launching Captivate as administrator? Do you clear the cache regularly? Indeed, look 'behind' the Captivate window to search a hidden dialog box. Or did you ever use two monitors and now switched to one?

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            laniz17817770 Level 1

            It's definitely a window issue. I can see it if I "show window" by right

            clicking on the icon, but even though it can be seen offscreen, I can't

            touch or drag it back into the active window, which is the laptop. Sheesh.





            Lani J. Zielsdorf, IDS, CITW

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              laniz17817770 Level 1

              I finally rebooted, and even though it was all locked up, I did a force

              quit. Was worried about doing that. In the past, that has disabled the

              ability to even launch CP and leaves me stranded. I was desperate, so tried

              it. I'm back up for now, but would LOVE to have help figuring out the

              window issue. It goes off window and stays there. It was in edit mode and I

              could see it in the Show All Windows mode, but only have one monitor on, so

              not sure how it does that. Good old Apple!





              Lani J. Zielsdorf, IDS, CITW

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi there


                Does Mac offer a way to move things like Windows does? In Windows, oftentimes we see a window attempting to appear on a non-existent monitor (which is why Lilybiri asked if you once had a second monitor connected). And depending on the dialog, we can press and hold the Windows logo key on our keyboards and tap the left arrow key a couple of times to move the errant dialog to the visible part of the screen.


                I was hoping Mac offered a similar thing.


                Cheers... Rick

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I did a Google search and found this. Maybe it helps.


                  Click here to view


                  Cheers... Rick

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                    laniz17817770 Level 1

                    Hi, Rick,


                    I don't really have any idea of how to merge windows, but will need to

                    learn. The Mac is very different from the PC and this is an area still

                    under inspection so to speak. Thanks!




                    Lani J. Zielsdorf, IDS, CITW

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                      BDuckWorks Level 4

                      Under the apple menu, select 'Force Quit Application.' (Use the Force!)


                      This brings up a window showing open applications, and allows you to switch between them.

                      You can minimize each application to see if a window, likely a dialogue box, is hiding behind something on the screen.


                      Just keep in mind that this is your last hope, like Obi-wan. It will force quit applications with warning, but if you confirm it will quit without any option to save data.


                      I have run into this a few times during recording sessions, so I'll ask: how are you ending the recording session?


                      Cmd-Tab will switch between applications, and ESCape is supposed to quit recording. Both of these can end a recording session, depending on the initial settings of Captivate when you began the session.


                      Sometimes I've had Captivate not respond to the ESC key, so I had to Cmd-Tab to Captivate for it cancel recording. If you've done a long recording session, it can take a while for the computer to process the footage and display the Captivate editing screen.