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    JavaBean Introspection

      I currently have a set of JAXB generated classes which I am using as server objects in Java which I would like to pass back to a FLEX client. To this point things have been working well but if I have something of type collection or boolean they do not get mapped properly. After looking at the docs I saw that FLEX uses JavaBean introspection to determine which properties to map, but the issue I am having is that according to the javabean spec (which JAXB adheres to) for boolean types the method may be specified as is<PropertyName> instead of get<PropertyName> (the earlier FLEX does not map properly).

      Additionally I had the same problem with collections that were generated in this manner (no set Method for the collection). I have modified the beans for now but was wondering if there was a way to instruct flex to use the is method for boolean properties and work with the collection format provided by JAXB?