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    Combining index entries

    jimoe-sma Level 1

      Windows 8.1

      InDesign CC 2015 (October)


      I have a set of references created from a list of keywords. Some are somewhat duplicated to allow both singular and plural forms. For instance, "Attitude" and "Attitudes." Now that the index is generated, how do I combine the results of the two entries into "Attitude(s)"?

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          Obi-wan Kenobi Level 5



          If I had this question to solve, I'ld do it quickly [without headache] in 3 times:

          1/ Make a new list with no plural words [one regex].

          2/ Create the index with this new list.

          3/ Using Multi-Find/Change, treat from the new list all the words that had a plural version [would be done in one click!] and treat these words in the generated index adding after them "(s)" [would be done in one click!].