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    Problems with After Effects CS5 shortcuts

    steenmikkelsen2 Level 1

      Hi I am using After Effects CS5, and have problems with my shortcuts.

      In the preview window, I can't get the key combination "Ctrl-Alt-F" to work, which I assume is the key combination I need. I press the three keys, but nothing happens.

      What is this shortcut-name in "Adobe After Effects 10.0 Shortcuts.txt" file?

      Several places I read that I should do the following:
      " Two modify keyboard shortcuts in After Effects, do følgende:
          "In After Effects, depending on your operating system, select:
               Edit> Preferences> General (Windows)
      On the Preferences dialog, click the Reveal Preferences in Explorer (Windows) or Preferences Reveal in Finder (Mac OS) button. "

      Download my : After Effects shortcut file here.

      but this menu item does not exist. se picture.

      After effects .jpg

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you just want to reset your preferences you can hold down the Ctrl/Cmnd + Alt/Option + shift and double click the app to open it. You'll get this dialogue:

          Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.09.27 PM.png


          That option didn't show up in preferences until a later version. You should check the Keyboard section of your System Preferences and make sure that Use standard function keys is checked. That usually solves the problem.


          BTW, the option to fit (alt/option + ctrl/cmnd d+ f) or to Fit Horizontally (alt/option + shift + ctrl/cmnd + h), which is usually a safer and better choice is also available by right clicking on a layer and going to the transform menu or by drilling down through the Layer menu and Transform:

          Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.59.36 PM.png

          If you are fitting a layer to a composition you want to make sure that the x and y scale values are exactly equal. If they are not you are introducing distortion to your layer.

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            steenmikkelsen2 Level 1

            I can't find "Keyboard section or System Preferences ?


            The shortcuts " Fit to comp Width" and " Fit to Comp Height" don't work to.

            After effects  shortcutr  System preferences.jpg