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    Freezes when opening context menu


      Opening LR works fine and so does editing. The problem comes when I bring up any sort of menu, whether it be a dropdown or a right click. It just sort of hangs, there is no error message, the program itself doesn't crash. It's just frozen in time. Very strange


      Windows 10

      Lightroom 6 stand alone


      Things I've done.

      -Deleted all Adobe folders


      -Disabled video card


      I should note that the exact same thing happened on my surface pro, which leads me to think it might be an OS issues that's messing with LR... But who knows



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi andrewr,


          Please follow the below steps.


          Open Lightroom

          Go to Edit Menu<< Preferences

          Click on General tab

          Uncheck the Option " Show Add Photos to Screen"


          Then, Go to Performance tab

          Uncheck the Graphics Processor

          Restart the Lightroom.


          If the issue still appears, please create new Lightroom Catalog and try use it.


          Let us know if that helps.




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            andrewr32329938 Level 1

            Thanks for responds. I'll have to say that telling me to go to the edit menu is funny given that opening such windows is that makes LR freeze. Neither the less, hotkeys!

            I should have said that this is version 6.0. Not the latest I know, but it's worked fine for the past 2 months...

            So the 'Show Add Photo..." seems to be a 6.2.1 feature, thus, there's nothing for me to do there.

            I tried disabling GPU Accel before I posted the first time.

            Now given that I can't click the 'New Catalog' button, I can't do that step. However this is a fresh install, and it wonderful asked me when I installed if I wanted to create one. So I did. For fun, I went and deleted that one and once again LR prompted me if I wanted to make a new one. So I did.


            And I'm left with a still freezing LR. Sad Days.

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              Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee


              Have you cleared the "Show Add Photos Screen" check box?

              Or is it still selected?




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                andrewr32329938 Level 1


                I said that the "Show Add Photos Screen" is only in version 6.2.1. I have 6.0, thus I do not have that option to uncheck.Capture.JPG

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                  andrewr32329938 Level 1

                  Thought I'd give an update. The problem turned out to be a lose Hard Drive connection. The SATA cable became loose on one of my 4 drives. I rarely use the drive so I didn't notice and Windows 10 notifications for such an event is a bit obscure. Anyways, once I secured the connection so that the drive stop un/re -mounting. Lightroom worked again.