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    adding keywords in LR from networked machine?


      I've jsut had a home network set up and I admit I'm not sure how it all works yet.  I'd like to use my laptop to keyword images on my main desktop machine so I can sit and watch a movie or be social etc as I do it.  Can I do this directly?  Or do I have to keyword on the lappie and then import all of that data to the main machine?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi kristina,


          Using same Lightroom on two system is possible. You need to keep all the data( All Images & Lightroom Catalog file) on one central location like external disk and connect that to any one of the machine on which you want to use it.

          Once you connect the external disk you need to open the Lightroom catalog and do the changes like adding keywords, editing on the images etc..


          Now if in case you want use the Lightroom on another machine, simply disconnect the external drive and connect it to that system.


          Hope it helps.