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    Still Using CS4--Work Alongside CC2015?


      Hi, been a long while since posting in the Adobe forums.


      I've had the Adobe bundle since the original CS came out. Right now most of my work has been in the analog realm working in SD and I still use a number of BetacamSP decks and other VTR units.


      I see that with CC2015 its easier to attain a new version of Adobe's software for generally another monthly bill. My only concern is, I still use VTR analog deck control in which CS4 was the last version to support it. I'd like to know if CC2015 can co-exist with CS4? I eventually plan to build a new workstation eventually but, the main programs I have been using was mostly PPro, Audition, PS and sometimes Acrobat. There's tons of other software in the past bundles that I would never use.


      I don't care much for the cloud and prefer to have my files and everything else locally. It looks like it will be easier for me to get the newer versions of the software without the huge upfront cost that used to be from past versions.