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    HTML comment replication

    Tricia Ho Level 1
      We recently upgraded from RH5 to RH7 and I am running RH version 7.00.145 on my machine.

      After upgrading, we found there were problems with em dashes and en dashes, in that they displayed as &emdash; or &endash in our output. We corrected this with a search and replace, replacing the erroneous code with RH's code (eg <symbol name="Em Dash"><robohelp>&#8212;</robohelp>).

      After this, however, we noticed that RH7 sometimes copied HTML comments from within the header and inserted them along with the code for the em dashes or en dashes. This produces the appearance of an extra space in the output.

      The only way we have found of fixing this is to move HTML comments from the header to the bottom of the page, then manually delete the extra comments around the en or em dash.

      This problem does not happen with every page that has en dashes or em dashes and there are no obvious differences between pages that are affected and those that are not.

      Has anyone else encountered similar problems? I would appreciate any advice on why this problem is occurring and any tips on how we can stop this.

      Thanks in advance, Tricia
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          Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
          You need to install all the patches. There were many serious bugs fixed in 7.01 and 7.02. There is also a 7.03 out now, which wouldn't hurt to install either. I believe you'll need to install all three patches in order. You can find information about the patches and bugs on Peter Grainge's site.

          I don't think the projects you've opened with 7.00 will be fixed automatically by these patches, but any new projects, or ones you haven't yet upgraded won't show these issue. For the effected projects, if you haven't done anything apart from upgrade them, you could restart with backup copies, but that might not be a possibility if you've made a lot of changes.

          I'm sure Rick, Peter et al. will jump in with additional info, but you can at least have a look at what Peter has already put together.