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    sync folders broken


      Latest release of Lightroom 6.2.1 has horridly slow import process, sync'ing folders appears to be broken.  Takes 15+ minutes to syncronize ONE image, ends up hanging before I kill the process.


      Using Windows 7, latest Lightroom 6.2.1.  Poor bug testing like this is WHY i won't sign up for CC, fire your s**tty dev's and get some who can actually do their job...


      edit :: the idea you spend resources on "face recognition" and other gimmicks while leaving core functionality compromised is a joke...  too bad I already paid for this POS "upgrade" from LR5


      edit 2 :: I have a win7 laptop with 8 cores, 16GB memory, and a 750GB SSD drive, it's not a hardware issue, but a coding issue in LR