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    How do I make rotation look like shaking?


      My friend who has Final Cut Pro is able to do an effect where he makes rotating video clips look like they are shaking. It also looks like they might be slightly cropped but I'm not 100% sure. Also it doesn't look like wiggle or twitch or anything like that. He won't tell me how to do it so if anyone knows how it'd be awesome. You can find the video on Instagram @derekcleland and it is the video he posted 4 days ago. (If you don't have Instagram you can google search "derekcleland Instagram" and you'll find his page) It starts off with an old film looking effect and then goes into the shaking. Thanks for the help.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You could have just posted the direct link... Other than that I don't see much exotic. This is a basic audio trigger animation like people do them all the time e.g. with Trapcode Soundkeys.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you post a direct link to the video I'll take a look. I couldn't find anything special. I did see one video that had a few frames of quick rotations with motion blur used as transitions. Personally I hated them because they didn't do anything at all to tell a story to me. If you want to try that then trim a few frames that you want to use as your rotation transition. Set a scale keyframe and move in about 3 or 4 frames and set a rotation keyframe to rotate the image about 45º and then scale the footage to fill the frame. Now drag the scale keyframe to the right about 2 or 3 frames and reset the rotation. This will give you a snap zoom and the first rotation. Then set a couple more rotation keyframes and cut to your next clip. Turn on motion blur and adjust to get the look you want. That's about it.


            You could also experiment with some of the distortion effects and CC force Motion Blur.