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    Edge Animate calculation from input : help ! :)


      Hi everybody !


      I'm a journalist, hence I unfortunately do not know anything about coding. I am learning, but it might take a bit of time until I can achieve this on my own :


      I am working on a project where the user can input his salary and get a different result every time he hits a button, based on celebrities' salaries.


                - At the beginning of the scenario a field pops up to allow you to enter your salary


                - Then you have different icons (Mercedes, a plane, or a coffee for example)


                - Once you click on one of them it performs the following calculation to get the result :RESULT =  (INPUT SALARY x ITEM PRICE) / FIXED SALARY


                - I would then like the result to pop-up with a text : "If you were X, your Mercedes would cost you X euros"


      So I would like to know how to code all of this (I don't know if I should use "var" or "sym" to get it done, maybe both)... Thank you very very very much !