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    swipe on the whole body tag of a html document

    BeneBo Level 1

      Hi there,


      i'm currently working on a mobile version of an animation and all the navigation should work with swipe gestures. the first reactions of users are telling us, a lot of people have problems withe the swipe navigation, because they are trying to swipe out of the navigation and the swipe navigation obviously doesn't work outside the edge animation. Unfortunatly i can't give the animation responsive behavior like a with of 100% e.g.

      So my idea of a solution is to add the swipe event to the whole body of the html - which would not cause any problems because the html-doc only contains the edge animation. I tryied a lot of different ways, but none of it worked out . Anyone of you has an idea?

      You would help me a lot!


      Thanx and best whishes