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    Suggested Workflows between Prelude & LiveLogger?

    editoro69949837 Level 1

      What is the suggested workflow for using LiveLogger with an iPad to log interviews in the field? We're hoping to relieve some work on the editor's side with logging long documentary interviews and then bringing that data into Prelude.  I've gone through the process in the field a couple of times but I'm hoping to make it more efficient and useful in the edit.  We even have a timecode cable to sync it up that way.

      My main problem is the notes that we take in the field end up on markers with a lot of extra metadata that are hard to read in Prelude and Premiere.  Are there any suggested workflows?  There are barely any settings to modify on the LiveLogger end.  Does anyone have a sample template that had worked well for them with long interviews with many different questions?  I would love to have some more detail than just a number or "good."  The video ultimately ends up in Premiere for the edit but it ends up being hard to view these markers (clip markers in the marker panel are pretty clunky).