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    File cannot be found?


      So I'm trying to edit some photos and it says file cannot be found.

      I'm really new to this so sorry If I sound stupid.

      I've looked for the folder but that seems to be miss as well 

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          dj_paige Level 9

          This means your photo (or the folder that contains it) has been moved, renamed or deleted outside of Lightroom. You need to find the file on your hard disk somewhere, make a note of the exact file name and folder name, and then reconnect in Lightroom via these instructions: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders, you can reconnect entire folders or an entire hierarchy of folders at once if needed.

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            sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi mercedesnosleep,


            One get such message only if Lightroom is not able to find the images,if you have deleted them or moved them to a different location.

            Lightroom is just showing you a preview and exclamation mark denotes that the original file is missing.

            • If you might have deleted them from your computer accidentally , please check system trash or recycle bin.
            • If you think that you might have moved them to a different location then Please note down the File names which are missing and try to find them in your system.
            • Once you know their new locations, come back to Lightroom and locate them.


            Refer :https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/locate-missing-photos.html




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              mercedesnosleep Level 1

              Well found out my bf deleted the original folder that was in my external hard drive.he was trying to organize my folders and simply didn't get that he shouldn't have deleted it. So now it's gone forever. Thanks anyways everyone.



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                KAREHN Level 1

                What version of Windows are you using?  I ask because a similar issue occurred on my laptop. Please see below. Additionally, you can also post your question at the How-to Geek Website.How-To Geek Discussion


                When I updated to Windows 10, in September 2015, it created a lock down Windows Update file. Not liking the initial version of Windows 10, I very quickly took the option to go back to Windows 8. However, the lock down file remained in Windows Update.


                Regardless of all I did to remedy this issue, including the assistance by techiegeekgirl and Microsoft, the problem remained. The lock down file in Windows Update could not be removed.

                In my gut I knew that it has something to do with the update to Windows 10 for that is when the issue began.

                Now Windows 10 is installed and I ACTUALLY like this updated version!! It is very user friendly and I recommend updating. So, if anyone has updated to Windows 10 then reverted to an older version of Windows