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    Using Node NPM

    ottz0 Level 1

      I thought users in this forum might be able to help me.


      Just a question about using node.


      I only have a few dependencies in my node_modules folder in my project but when I install them it seems to install all these other dependencies so I now have about 100 node folders when i'm just installing a few dev dependencies.


      Why is this? Should it install them do my main npm and then link to them?



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          Ken Binney Level 6

          May I suggest this Forum for your question -

          Coding Corner

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            Level 4

            It's most likely because the packages you're installing are dependent on other packages as well. You can delete the node_modules folder and then run npm install to install the packages again. This will install any packages you have configured in package.json and any dependencies on those packages (and dependencies on the dependencies) will load as well.




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              ottz0 Level 1

              Thanks Kenny...didnt know this forum existed...ill remember that for nex time

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                ottz0 Level 1

                hi the_shocker


                Yes, I thought it would download other dependencies also


                I might be wrong but can't node install dependencies into a global node folder and then Sym link to them from your project folder when configured in package.json? Seems pointless to download hundreds of files each time into your project when you will use them again for other projects?