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    working with 20.000x800 pixel resolution is possible with after effects CC2014? Which configration?




      We will start work a mapping project of very high resolution (20.000x800 pixel) with after effects. I did my research for certain things such as ram, cpu, hd etc.etc. I did two configs, one is I7 5960X and the powerful dual Xeon. Please look at links:

      I7 solution



      Xeon solution



      But I am not sure that both system will be enough for such high resolution. And I am aware of that after effects is not at good in case of multi threading (we will not work in CC 2105, because it`s buggy). it`s limited by 16 cores per CPU (according to this article: Tweakers Page).

      Xeon users complaint about the speed of After effects. Some users submitted that single I7 cpu is faster than expensive Dual xeon CPU. All in all,  I cannot decide which system is better.

      By the way, our content will be heavy (particles, effects, 3rd party plugins) and I also aware that both 3rd party plugins and after effects itself is not fully threaded (some effects are single threaded)


      So my question is: Which way should we go? The resolution is so high, there is no experience about this in internet.

      Can you help me?


      Thank you.