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    Export as Fixed Layout. View in Ibooks. Text is very, very small.

    loveAndPeace Level 1

      When I export as fixed layout and view in ibooks, the text is very small.

      ibooks on my mac is not providing a way to increase the size of the font.


      What is the difference between ibooks and ibook proofer and what should I be using ?



      So within Indesign, I changed the font from 10 to 11 but No Change is reflected when I export.


      Before I realized that Fixed Layout is more optimal for my project, I exported as reflowable and the font was bigger.


      Can someone explain how to resolve this please ?


      of note.

      I spent weeks - months on this project and was viewing in ADE 3.0.

      I exported as 3.0 and was experimenting with popup footnotes that did NOT work.

      So I updated my ADE to 4.5 which was a disaster.  It blew away ADE 3.0 and when I contacted Adobe they told me 4.5 does  not work and that on a mac I should be testing with ibooks.


      I searched Adobe.com for documention or videos like this.

      'indesign cc' and 'fixed layout' and 'ibooks'

      Which does NOT provide any relevant information about the workflow and process.