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    The steps to produce and view international CHM?

    robert-sfl Level 1
      It would be most helpful to hear from somebody who actually did it which steps are exactly necessary. The project is Russian, and I would need to view the output in Rusian.

      If I set the project settings and the local system language to Russian (language setting in the HPP is 0x419), then I can produce a CHM and all HTML pages are fine, but..

      * The window title is scrambled text, perhaps an ANSI conversion of the Russian unicode title. In the HHP file, the title is displayed correctly as it should be.

      * The index shows the same problem in the CHM, but is already produced with wrong characters by RoboHelp.

      * The TOC on the other side if fine too.

      I feel that it may be only a small step left, but I find no more options.Releated issues were covered in several previous posts, but none of the suggestions I found solved the problem.