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    Paragraph composer completely off when text is ragged-right?

    G Snyder Level 1

      I hate the way InDesign sets this ragged-right paragraph:


      Both the hyphen and the last-line runt can be removed with just the slightest compression of the first line. Here it is with word spacing forced to 95%:


      This seems like exactly the sort of tradeoff the Paragraph Composer is supposed to make automatically. But unfortunately, no amount of tweaking justification settings will get InDesign to adjust the layout unless you specify "desired" spacing less than 100% (that is, do it manually).

      That makes me think the Paragraph Composer is completely turned off when text is set ragged-right. Is that correct? (In fact, turning on justification whips the paragraph right into shape. But I don't want justified text, just pleasing ragged-right text without obvious abominations.)

      [You can reproduce this easily if you have Minion Pro Regular installed - just make the text box 4.5 inches wide and use 10pt type.]