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    Hover bug with Javascript apps?

      I have an HTML/Javascript AIR app that uses the hover event on certain elements to show/hide them. I've noticed that if the mouse moves out of the *app window* quickly, the app will not register the movement and will continue to show the element rather than hiding it. I'm using JQuery, but I experienced this behavior even when I wasn't using JQuery.

      I've also noticed this behavior on text links where you specify a different look in CSS depending on whether the mouse is hovering over the link or not. In this case, there is no Javascript, just CSS and the behavior is the same. For example, if you have the following CSS rules:

      #myLink { text-decoration: none; }
      #myLink:hover { text-decoration: underline; }

      The link will have an underline when you hover over it. However, a quick move off the link and out of the app window will leave the underline in place.

      Is this a known issue and is there a workaround or fix on the way?
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          sfsam wrote:
          > Is this a known issue and is there a workaround or fix on the way?

          Not that it helps a lot, but I can replicate this issue with a link styled with the CSS you supplied within Dreamweaver CS4's Live View (which also uses a version of webkit for rendering). I couldn't replicate it with Chrome on Windows Vista, so this may have to do with the particular version of webkit that's being used, or it may be that some browsers simply don't respond fast enough to very quick mouse movements.

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            I've had the same issue (if the mouse leaves the application too quickly mouseout events aren't triggered).


            In one of my apps I display custom tooltips and it's super annoying to have them laying around.


            I use a timer to test for their presence (triggered on mouseover) and remove them after a bit if a mouseout hasn't been triggered.   Fine for my purposes but weird for a lot of other things.


            I think it's worth reporting here: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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              Hi guys. Maybe my problem can be helped here. I am creating simple Javascript popup windows in CS3 Dreamweaver, using the Behavior panel; the links work fine, but don't show any hover state for the link text. That is, there's no underline or color change for the links. When I add actual link information to the text, and test, the link hover state shows up but the link now triggers two events — it pops up the window I initially scripted, but also opens a new browser window with the pop up content. When I add the link info I am specifying target as blank, btw. Any suggestions would be great.