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    Help, I can't upgrade Camera Raw 9.1.1




      I'm unable to upgrade to Camera Raw 9.1.1 from 7.0.0 on CS6.

      I have downloaded the file DNGConverter_9_1_1 from Adobe website. (It's included Camera Raw right?)

      I clicked and it start to extracting itself, then finish.


      A window contains DNG Converter opened.

      I Clicked it and find the DNG Version is 9.1.1


      Then I opened PS CS6, find on help, plug-ins, camera raw: STILL 7.0.0


      I have tried version 9.2 and STILL THE SAME.

      The version keep on 7.0.0


      I can't opened & edit Camera Raw files from my Canon 6D with it.


      Have I downloaded & installed it correctly?

      If it's a malfunction, is there any other way to update the Camera Raw?


      Please, can anyone help me?