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    Interactive buttons on PDF event poster.


      I recently designed a poster for a friend's charity boxing event. I'm doing one version for print, but thought it would be cool to add a 'BUY TICKETS' button linked to the ticket URL. The poster was created in Ilustrator, finished in Photoshop then placed in Indesign where I created the button, and added the link. I then exported the file as an Interactive PDF. It was originally an A4 size, but at nearly 10MB I downsized to iphone size, anyways, when the PDF displayed after creating the button wasn't visible. I decided to email it to myself to test it...when I opened it from the email, the button was visible but scrolling over it didn't do anything, and when I downloaded it to the desktop the button was invisible again. i would ultimately like for people to be able to email the poster to each other then hit the button to go to the ticket URL.....

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You don't mention how this PDF is being viewed. Interactive PDF viewed through any app besides Acrobat or Reader on a desktop is a crapshoot. This is especially true on mobile devices.


          BTW,  I would have simply opened the PDF in Acrobat and added the button there.

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            phils333 Level 1

            That was going to be my next question. Adding an interactive item to a PDF narrows down the practicality of it in that it can only be properly viewed with certain applications right?

            Which I doubt the majority of people who are viewing this will have. Which makes it a bad idea?

            Secondly, you mention adding the button in Acrobat. Is this a more efficient way than adding in Indesign?

            Thanks Bob!