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    NEWBIE question


      I am bran-spanking new to AIR development and I have a handful of Flash programming experience and mostly I have used PHP/Java/JavaScript and recently C# / ASP.NET.

      I am working on my first AIR application and I need to connect to my remote MySQL database, could someone enlighten me on the code to use. I am going to be doing it from the Flex 3 platform.



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          Jeff Swartz Level 3
          Content running in AIR can access data from a remote server in the same ways as content running in a browser. For instance, you can set up a SOAP-based web service on the remote server and connect to the data using the Flex WebService class.

          Note that AIR applications can connect directly to MySQL databases on the local file system. However, they cannot use the same MySQL API to directly connect to remote databases.
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            iainnitro Level 1
            @swartz1999: Thanks for the reply. I have not broached this subject on a Macintosh, but on Windows we do have a ODBC System DSN for the remote DB... Does that change things?

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              Jeff Swartz Level 3
              For local databases, AIR can only connect to MySQL database files. AIR does not include ODBC support.

              For remote databases, AIR applications interact using the same techniques as browser-based content (as I describe above).