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    Safe to remove Adobe CC Apps?


      I'm on LR 6.1.1 and find it's great after using LR consistently since version 2.


      I downloaded trial versions of PS and Elements over the summer in order to make a decision if I should go, reluctantly, with the CC model or not. Then I discovered Affinity Photo and Designer and decided against CC and I'm happy with that.


      Now I notice that I have the following Adobe apps on my mac that I'd rather not have: Adobe Desktop Service, Core Sync, CCLibrary and whatever else might be hiding in LaunchAgents and Daemons etc.


      My question is, can I safely remove all of these without adversely affecting my copy of LR6 standalone. I have no intention of going to CC in the future so that's not an issue.


      If it's fine to delete these apps what is the most efficient way of doing so?


      Thanks in advance.