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    Project Assets overlaps Video (PE14)

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      Switching from PE10 to PE14, the Media (now Project Assets) are a menu that pops down from top. I can pin it, so that it doesn't hide the next click. But how can I prevent the overlapping of the video by the project assets? Showing the Effects or the Adjustments, the Video move a litte bit to make room for the new "window". How can I force this for the project assets? Can I drag an move the projects assets to another permanent place or second monitor?


      Same for Effects and Transitions ... both close after every single usage ... applying transitions to many clips its very annoying.




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          Expert workspace Project Assets Palette can be downsized by clicking and dragging on an edge of the opened Project Assets. You can get Project Assets to close after you take media from it (See Pin Icon).There is no Project Assets in the Quick workspace. But, I prefer to work in the Expert workspace where it is fuller featured than the Quick workspace.


          Look at selecting all your clips at one time involved in transitions, and then Timeline Menu/Apply Default Transition.

          Also, after you click Transition, get the Transitions Adjustment pop up, click on your transition choice, click and drag it outside the pop up to a place before the transition placement...that will close the pop up so that you can see the Timeline and where you want to place the transition. Then, with the click drag still active, place the transition.


          It is the Timeline module that can be moved to a second monitor. See Window Menu/Dual Monitor Workspace.


          Please consider and then we can provide supplemental information as indicated.





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            Add On to post 1...the following was done with Premiere Elements 11, but it applies in principle to 14 when you are thinking from 10 to 14.

            ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11: Dual Monitor Workflow Concerns