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    lightroom on 21:9 display


      I just purchased a 21:9 display which is great for photoshop, in lightroom however I can't seem to take advantage of the extra space. I really want a grid and a loupe side by side. I can sort of do it by hitting F11 to show a second display, however the window that opens can't be snapped in windows 10 to the left or right like the main app can. Also when the main app is minimized or restarted the secondary display window doesn't remember where it was meaning I have to manually resize it every time.


      Could the second display window be made so its a regular window that can be snapped and for the workspace to be saved like in almost every other Adobe application.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The second display that is activated by pressing F11 cannot be configured in the way that you are looking for. When displayed on the same monitor, what you are seeing is how it works. Personally, I believe the second display is ideally suited for a second monitor.