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    Unable to open Nikon D5500 RAW (.NEF) files in Lightroom CC




      I recently purchased Adobe Lightroom CC and have installed it on my MacBook Pro running OSX 10.11. However when I try to open RAW (.NEF) files from my Nikon D5500 I get the following message 'The following files were not imported because they could not be read.' as can be seen in the screen shot below:


      Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 15.23.27.png

      I am also running the latest version of Lightroom CC with Camera Raw 9.2 and I read that the Nikon D5500 was supported from Camera Raw 9.0

      Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 15.23.39.png

      The files open just fine in  Photoshop CC so I don't understand why they won't open in Lightroom CC.

      Can anyone help or does Lightroom CC not actually support RAW files for the Nikon D5500?