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    external multiple video links to one swf player

      Hi all,
      This is a fairly complicated issue I am having, and I am very very new at this.
      I am currently designing a video gallery for a motion design company.
      I have a programmer working on the frames in CSS and javascript for all the effects.
      I am receiving a line of code from him in js, which is supposed to trigger the referenced movie to play in my swf player which was custom made for them.
      the line of code is as follow.
      ---<a href= javascript:fChangeFlash('player.swf?movie=1.flv');">movie 1 -------

      I have built a flash document which now works fine with 1 movie playing from an external link through action script.
      in the action script the string that refers to the external movie the player loads is
      ns.play(" http://www. example .com/example.flv");

      How can I change the code so this player accepts the javascript string
      to load player.swf which will know to call movie01-02-03 or whatever I insert in there.
      I have about 40 movies to link to the same player
      so thumbnail is actually a link loading the movie file into player.swf
      I hope I make sense...

      Thanx very much for any help you can provide.