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    advance to next photo after rating

    jjaylad Level 1

      I have spent over 3 hours on the phone with Adobe this week and still, every time I open the program something else happens.

      Last nite I tried to show them how, when I rated one photo, the program would put anywhere from 2-5 stars on the next one and plant me on the second one to the right in the filmstrip. (Develop Module).

      I don't know if having them on your PC automatically puts LR in some different mode or what but I could not re-create the problem for the technicial to see. The ratings worked fine and would advance to the next photo without doing anything unusual. Now today, when I star a photo ...it doesn't advance at all.


      Similarly ...before I called yesterday Task Manager would show LR open even after it was closed. With the tech on the phone that didn't happen at all and seems to be OK in that regard today.


      I'm processing a 1200 photo wedding and am literally exhausted dealing with all the LR and Photoshop glitches there are in the newer releases. I can barely go 20 minutes without having to restart LR or even reboot the computer when things get really bad. LR recognizes Nvidia graphics card but runs in quicksand if selected. Photoshop doesn't even find it so performs like a dog using only the Intel integrated graphics. Lightroom starts at about 400k of memory and after touching only a few photos is at 1.8 gigs of memory and performance goes straight downhill from there.

      The Help doesn't work (on LR CC per Julienne Kost's recommendation after recent screwed up updates). Adobe support is closed on the weekend and their phone message says to go to adobe.com/getsupport.

      You go there and get  "Sorry, this page is not available"

      I don't know if these ;lkjl;j;kjoij could do any more to screw up our workflow and productivity but they seem relentless in their pursuit of that objective. I think a competitor must be handing out bonuses to them for every element they can screw up for us.