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    "Too many  pages" error & mysterious index overset.

    paulsphillips Level 1

      This is for Indesign CC 2014 & 2015. I edited a 236 page document and discovered I needed 240 pages, so I set document settings to 240 pages. As expected 4 pages  were added to the end and I edited accordingly. Now the preflight panel shows two errors

      a) It says I have "Too many pages" (it should be 236 not 240). I cannot find any reference to this error or fix it.

      b) It says, in a dialog box, when I try generating the index, I have overset text, which I can then choose to ignore or not. If I accept such entries the index is normal, if not there are no pages numbers. At  no time  does the preflight panel or story editor (which doesn't show the index anyway) indicate overset text. Obviously InDesign thinks the index is overset because it's on "illegal pages". If I chop out (any) 4 pages all is normal again. When I generate a pdf file no errors show up.  Exporting to IDML and reimporting doesn't help.

      Paul Phillips