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    Finding source for problem/broken hyperlinks

    nwjh1957 Level 1

      When an InDesign book is exported to ePub3 FXL, a brief report appears that lists warnings and errors from the process. This doesn't seem to be able to be saved, and must be dismissed for the export process to complete and save the file, but that's a different issue.


      If a hyperlink in the book is targeting a text anchor in a file that is not in the book, there will be a warning. But the warning merely indicates the missing file. It doesn't tell me where the source of the hyperlink is located.


      After a bit of editing of the book files, I got two hyperlink errors. One was straightforward, as it was linked to a different version of the 'References' file in another directory, and it was a matter of finding the recently added link that went to the wrong place. But the other error is tricky.


      The file that is the destination is 'InDesign ClipboardScrap1' so it probably got confused during the editing process (I had to insert a page or two). I can't view the ClipboardScrap to get a hint of where it might go, so am left with searching the entire book, link by link, to find the dodge one. As the book is nearly 900 pages and some pages may have 10-20 links, this is a major undertaking.


      Is there an easy way to find broken hyperlinks, and more particularly their source? Clearly the checking during export can do it, but getting the information back seems to be problematic. Even knowing the file in which the source was located would narrow the field to just one of 19 files.


      Alternatively, is it possible to view a ClipboardScrap so that it could provide a better hint of the hyperlinks involved?