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    In trying to load my photos from extedrnal drive tpo LR CC. At first I couldn't get anything to import to LR, but I think I got that solved only to have all my images go black on me when I try to edit them. Also, I still think I'll have trouble importing


      All as stated in the line above. So far I think I have followed instructions as presented, but importing my images has been difficult to say the least. I have destination folders set as add to existing as I always have in LR and still it can't seem to find the files even though they are on the import grid screen. It finally did import, but it imported a whole years worth of images instead of just today's shoot. Once those files were done I tried to work on them and every time I clicked on an image it went black. It did that on every single one of them. Good thing the originals are on an external drive.


      Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone had the same problem.


      Thank you.