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    Adding (unsupported) keyboard shortcuts to Premiere Pro?

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      A few months ago, I created a 30-minute video that goes into great detail about all sorts of missing features in Premiere Pro. Some of these features have been requested by users for over ten years, and still have not made it into Premiere... features like saving a custom transition, a shortcut to delete transitions from the timeline, a shortcut to add a keyframe.... the list goes on.


      You can watch my video, or you can just read the video description to see a quick list of the 57 missing features that I talk about.


      Adobe Premiere CC 2014.2 massive feature request video! (1/2) - YouTube


      I mention in the video that modding Premiere may be the only way to get these features into the program, as long as the developers refuse to add these features for whatever their reasons might be.

      I am particularly interested in adding unsupported keyboard shortcuts, as it seems like the easiest thing to do, with the greatest benefit. Here's a list of the features I am hoping to add in by myself:


      #1. Every transition should have a keyboard shortcut to apply it

      #3. Allow keyboard shortcuts to apply all PRESETS, EFFECTS, TRANSITIONS, and (new) TRANSITION PRESETS

      #5. A shortcut to delete (only) transitions

      #6. A shortcut to reverse a clip -- (This can be done with AutoHotKey)

      #7. Shortcuts for the keyframe right click menu items

      #8. Shortcuts for all "effect controls" buttons

      #9. Shortcuts for layer controls in timeline (mute, lock, etc.)

      #11. A shortcut to just PLAY video

      #12. A shortcut to ripple delete clip at playhead -- (This can be done with AutoHotKey)

      #14. Effects panel search bar shortcut -- (This can be done with a crazy macro script, but still does not work 100% of the time)

      #16. A shortcut to close the reference monitor

      #17. A shortcut to close the titler

      #18. A shortcut for "back" in bin icon view


      So, I downloaded the plug-in software SDK from here: Premiere Pro Developer Center | Adobe Developer Connection ... but frankly, I have very limited programming experience. (Dammit Jim, I'm an editor, not a programmer!) Reading through the documents, however, I don't see ANYTHING that even mentions the words "keyboard" or "shortcut..."


      It's looking to me as if the SDK only has support for creating new transitions to be used in Premiere, and creating new effects like the Red Giant denoiser. Am I right? am I wrong?


      Is it POSSIBLE to use the SDK to add any of these keyboard shortcuts to Premiere? I don't care how difficult it is. (unless it involves having to decompile the whole program into machine code, which I still might be mad enough to at least try.)


      I am determined to get these long-overdue keyboard shortcuts into Premiere. I just need to know if it's possible. If it is, I'd greatly appreciate any and all guidance you could give me to make this happen.


      Thank You,

      Taran van Hemert

      2-year editor at LMG

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