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    I can't see any image, in all modules (library, develop, import, etc...)

    andrésc56129469 Level 1



      Sudently all the images turn gray and I can't see them at all, in all module




      I already try the following:


      • Install OS updates (Windows 10 x64)
      • Install Lightroom updates (6.2.1)
      • Uninstall and reinstall Lightroom and Creative Cloud App
      • Update graphics card driver  (Nvidia GForce 525M, driver version:
      • Open my library with another user with administrative rights
      • Uncheck the "reed only" checkbox on mi library folder
      • Grant all the permissions in my library folder to all users
      • Run Lightroom with administrative rights
      • Create a new library
      • Check my images in Photoshop CC to make sure that they are OK


      Nothing works, please help!!!