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    Problems importing w/ 2015.2.1 update to Lightroom CC

    mikef8772975 Level 1

      Been using Lightroom successfully for about 18 months w/ a Macbook Pro 8G RAM OS OX 10.11. Recent updates to LR, namely 2015.2.1, has bugged previous flawless import function e.g:


      • When opening import from a camera SD card, if you view potential selections using Loupe view, the maximum I can select is 10-12 images, then MacBook slows to a crawl then LR crashes and closes without so much as a fare thee well. Appears not to happen in grid view.
      • As a discipline when I finish a day's shooting I take the camera cards and immediately select-all, copy and paste the images onto an external drive using Finder. When I try to import images from this drive Lightroom tells me all images I try to select in the relevant folder have already been imported. I believe this extends to some portions of direct import from the cards.


      This update "enhancement" is a royal pain in the neck which I have not found any work-around-over-or through.




      Thank you!