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    Paragraph Styles spacing


      I'm pretty new to indesign and I'm trying to make my resume. I'm creating paragraph styles for each section of my resume. Basically Header A is Education, Work Experience, Awards and Skills. Header B is Schools and jobs, Header C is description of header b with major and job title and Body is description of jobs. I pretty much have all the headers spaced the way I want but I'm having a problem when it comes to the body. For the body paragraph style I do have 3pt "space after" to separate each description. But I also want to be able to set "space after" the body as a whole. So I guess I want to know how can I create space between individual descriptions (the body) and then be able to put space between that body and the next header. I think it may have something to do with hard and soft returns, possibly throughout the entire resume. I have all hard returns except when a description ran too long and I had to break it, it has a soft return. It's really driving me crazy, it seems like it could be something easy but I'm just not getting it.