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    Security and copyright.

    rasoolg18868567 Level 1

      I have a flash project consisted of many chapters,what I want to do is that each chapter can be seen and used when the user has the password or serial number of that chapter,in other words each password can enable specified chapters for the user.Also the user can get the passwords when she sends a specific code written on the DVD or CD pack by using a web site or SMS.The question is that,how I can do that using adobe flash?.Is it possible to use other software ?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          it's more or less easy to do depending on how secure you want that to be.


          if decompiling your swf and bypassing your security is secure enough for you, you can just use a simple if-statement to check if the user inputs an accepted string.


          and in no case would you be able to prevent users from sharing their cd pack code so you're pretty limited there unless you blackball codes used more than some number of times.

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