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    Develop settings not working: How to apply develop settings in Tethered Capture using Lightroom CC (2015.2.1 Release)


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to set up a Tether environment using Lightroom CC (2015.2.1 Release).


      I am using Canon EOS 7D Mark II and an Asus K46CB Laptop (Windows 10). The camera is recognized both by Windows 10 and Lightroom. I can control the camera using EOS Utility and Lightroom as well. Everything looks like it's working normally but no matter what preset I select under Develop Settings or if I select "same as previous" after a first tether and manually development, the software won't apply the development settings I want/need.


      The strange thing is that sometimes it works out of the blue, and stop working after 2 or 3 captures in a row.


      This worked fine in previous Lightroom releases.


      Is there any thing I'm doing wrong? Am I missing something or some configuration? Can you please help me?


      Thanks a lot!


      Marcus Laranjeira