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    Presets showing up incorrectly?


      Hello all; I hope you are having a great day.  I am heading out, but I was working on some photos that I took while in Helen, GA.  I have downloaded great presets; however, I have noticed that sometimes in the preview window, the presets look as they are "supposed to" and then when I apply the preset, it doesn't look right.  For example, three presets that I have are all supposed to apply different effects and look different, but each of them have a hazy, dull effect when I try applying them, and after applying the preset, it even shows that they look this way in the preview window too.  And some of them radically change colors and wind up showing a "grainy" effect and putting greens in places where it shouldn't be, etc. It's all very strange.  I have tried reinstalling the presets.  Same things happen.  I will provide an example..weird1.jpgweird2.jpgweird3.jpg

      These are all separate presets, but they all look exactly the same, and I know they are not supposed to.  And I don't think the issue is with the presets; I have the same issue cropping up with a completely different set of presets by another person/company.  Any insight into this?  I have Lightroom 6.  Thank you all so very much.